Supporting Virtual Collaboration

Managing change processes in the face of the CoViD-19 Pandemic has meant placing a new focus on virtual collaboration. The steep learning curve that came with the sudden shift to virtual space in 2020 also made people realize that effective virtual collaboration could not be conducted simply by applying the same forms of communication or tools used in face-to-face settings.

So how can you effectively collaborate virtually?

By shoring up on your team’s digital competence, my aim is to support you as you improve the effectiveness of your team’s virtual collaboration through a tailor-made accompaniment process.

• Beginning with an action-learning-based training on virtual collaboration, you will learn how to facilitate virtually, how to navigate Microsoft Teams and use it to improve your team’s synchronous and asynchronous communication. You also will be introduced to effective tools for building virtual rapport. Using scenarios from your professional context, you will design and implement virtual collaboration sessions on Microsoft Teams.

• After the training, the process will focus on the supervision of collaborative processes you will implement post-training. I will coach you as you prepare for and implement your synchronous and asynchronous collaboration projects, and provide you and your team with feedback and lessons learned which then can be fed into future collaborations.

Improved virtual collaboration will mean improved rapport between team members and stakeholders, and it will help you to reach your project indicators.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Zena-Gabrielle Hailu – hailu(at)