Life Coaching

“The life coaching with Zena-Gabrielle provided me with the tools and confidence to deal with various life and work situations. Zena-Gabrielle has the unique capacity to make you feel valued, look at problems from a different angle and offer you problem solving techniques for the future. Our sessions commenced with mapping out a road map and setting milestone goals along the way. Her support and coaching to ensure that I had met my goals set out in my road map, were vital in me having become the person that I am now.  I would recommend Zena-Gabrielle to anyone who is seeking to further develop themselves.” Isabelle de Saint Antoine,  Insurance Broker and part time MBA student

  • Do you want to reach a personal or professional goal?
  • Do you feel like making a change in your life?
  • Would you like to feel a sense of personal empowerment?

Life coaching can help you to answer “yes” to the above questions.

My Life Coaching Philosophy

Here is a video that resonates well with my life coaching philosophy:
I trust that you have the answers you need to clarify the issues in your life. The trick is to consider the perspective from which you are considering those issues. During our coaching sessions, we work at:

  • Looking at what is happening “Now”
  • Considering perceived obstacles and challenges
  • Choosing which way you want to go

I am a generalist, and can coach on many topics, including entrepreneurial development, career planning and development, motivation, time management and personal growth.

Life Coaching Format

My life coaching sessions are designed to meet your personal and professional needs. I am happy to coach you virtually and / or in person
Here is one example of what a life coaching process could look like:

  • Complimentary coaching consultation
  • One-hour sessions
  • Regular email and instant messenger support

Association for Coaching (AC)

I am a member Association for Coaching (AC) and I adhere to the AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice(
I look forward to hearing from you soon!