Negotiation Training

Negotiations are a vital act of communication, essential for navigating our professional lives. Process is the key word here. The idea of negotiation as a series of strategies for getting what you want does not quite capture the complexities and intricacies of what actually happens when we negotiate.

As a process anchored in inter-human interactions, negotiation takes on a vital significance, because if it is conducted with a clear purpose, and consciously, it can act as a means of expressing what it is that we and our counterparts actually want. We then can work dynamically from there to find ways of approaching and satisfying those wants.

Since negotiating is chiefly a communicative act, it is vital to examine negotiations from a communicative aspect first. In a second step, the numerous tools and techniques useful for providing a framework to any negotiation process can be explored. These will help you to conduct your negotiations using an empowering, step-by-step process that provides clarity throughout.

Training Objectives

REALIZE’s negotiation training is meant to impart the knowledge and skills that will enable you to conduct successful online negotiations. During the training, we will:

  • Identify the communicative basics of negotiation;
  • Learn how intercultural aspects can influence your negotiations and how to take these into account as you prepare and conduct your negotiations;
  • Describe the key tools and techniques that can help you to prepare and frame your negotiation process;
  • Practice preparing and applying what you’ve learned through relevant case studies and experiential exercises.


  • Compact training: 2 days
  • In-depth training: 4 days


  • Microsoft Teams or Zoom

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