Conflict and Negotiation Coaching

  • Do you have a conflict that you would like to resolve?
  • Would you like to gain clarity on a conflict you have?

My Negotiations and Conflict Coaching Philosophy

Conflict to me is the expression of needs that have not been communicated and that often are not even recognized. As a certified conflict coach, I can accompany you through a coaching process whereby these needs can be defined and expressed in a safe space. After this has happened, the conflict can move into the realm of a negotiation conducted with a win-win intention. “Process” is the key word here. The goal is to conduct the negotiation with a clear purpose, and consciously, so that it can act as a means of expressing what it is that you actually want and need, understanding what it is that your counterpart wants and needs and then working from there to find ways of dynamically approaching and satisfying those needs and wants.

Coaching Format

My negotiations and conflict coaching sessions are designed to meet your personal and professional needs. I am happy to coach you virtually and / or in person.

Here is one example of what a negotiations and conflict coaching process could look like:

  • Complimentary coaching consultation
  • One-hour sessions
  • Regular email support

Association for Coaching (AC)

I am a member Association for Coaching (AC) and I adhere to the AC Code of Ethics and Good Practice.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!