Cultural Awareness Training

Premise and Training Objectives

My Cultural Awareness trainings have been developed for diverse, international teams.   I use tailored tools for the training, such as The Culture Map, developed by Erin Meyer. For example, The Country Mapping Tool, The Personal Profile Tool, and /or The Team Mapping Tool can enable individual members to reflect on their own personal profiles, and compare these to other members in their team. Concrete strategies for increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of the team’s work and collaborations can be developed as a next step.

Topics Covered:

  • Perception and selection
  • Stereotyping and othering
  • The Process of cultural conditioning
  • What is culture?
  • The connection between values and behavior
  • Cultural dimensions – an overview
  • The Culture Map – Tools
  • The Culture Map – Debrief
  • Strategy development


  • Compact training: 2 days
  • In-depth training: 4 days


  • In-house