Creative Writing / Storytelling

  • Do you want to explore your creative potential?
  • How can creative writing be used as an original and effective organizational tool?
  • Can creative writing be used to enrich knowledge management processes?
  • How does creative writing help people working in emotionally-taxing contexts?

Creative writing is a form of holistic communication. The writing process includes communication with oneself as well as communication with the world-at-large.

As one of the building blocks of REALIZE’s soft skills consulting, creative writing becomes a concrete tool for reflection and de-briefing. It enables the processing of personal experience and can be a catalyst for practice-oriented individual and organizational learning within the professional context. Learn to write livelier reports, to recognize and communicate the outcome of your work, to formulate goals and achieve them, thereby creating the foundation for effective and creative knowledge management. Reconnect with concepts such as fun and joy as they are freed through the creative process, which fuels the ability to accomplish tasks such as writing reports.

Through creative writing consulting, you can observe and process important work experiences holistically. For example, writing in the context of an emotionally taxing job can serve as a tool for returning to center. Questions such as “How can I enter a state where I am ‘in the world but not of it’?” “How can I avoid becoming listless in difficult realities?” are addressed. Distancing created through writing allows for consideration of difficult realities from other perspectives. Through conscious reflection, concrete questions may be formulated, questions which create new spaces and perspectives, questions which form the seeds for transformation.

Creative writing offers an immediate possibility to come out of daily action into a more reflective state. Considering events from a distance allows learning at deeper levels. The practice of writing regularly and continuously helps to break through the limits of personal thought and to return to a state of inner poise, thereby enabling a state of conscious Presence.


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